Pool Leak Detection

Unsure of your evaporation rate? Place a bucket of water beside the pool and mark both. After 24 hours, check the loss of both. If the pool loses more, then there's a leak.

Against all odds we will persist until we find that leak.

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When to Call :Pool Leak detection is recommended if the pool is losing 10mm (1cm) of water per day or more. If water is observed seeping out of the ground. Plants are dying or if there is severe pavement movement or cracking.  These can be observations that may indicate you have a problem. Our helpful technicians will guide you over a series of days as to how to complete basic diagnostic testing to determine if you have Pool Leaks.

Full Test: Our Pool leaks technician will pressure test all plumbing associated with your pool and ultimately scuba dive into the water and test the complete structure to locate all possible Pool leaks.

Process: We employ a variety of specialist instruments, tools and techniques that enable us to accurately pinpoint leak areas under concrete or underwater. We will then provide an accurate quotation to repair the damage.  Our company is insured and gives a written guarantee as to our workmanship.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If we cannot locate the leak there is no charge.

To request a visit to site please email or phone us on (03) 9 723 4740 to arrange an appointment.

You add water, we do the rest!